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Delivering real technology-based solutions to security manufacturing, integration, and distribution.

your leadership is an integral part of our process

No business is the same & every business deserves a customized approach.

We dive deep into each company and every hiring manager’s individual and specialized hiring needs. ninety five-plus years of recruiting knowledge, combined with real-world security industry experience, has provided us a unique understanding of the complex nature of the security space.

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Reach. Speed. Accuracy.

Our service to key industry players has allowed our specialized database to grow to a powerful network of over 60,000 clients and candidates. We present qualified candidates to our clients 24-48 hours after we initiate a custom search. We know your productivity and the integrity of your company culture depend on our ability to accurately and efficiently find the talent who best fits you.

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Our Solutions


Goede Premier Recruitment’s contingency search removes the risk of a lost investment from the process. We are compensated for our efforts when and only when we successfully place the talent and leadership you require to succeed.


We dedicate a team of professionals to focus exclusively on your specific hiring solution. For a small up-front commitment fee, you will receive a complete, customized search action plan designed and built especially for you.

Contract Staffing

Limited time or short-term projects require unique types of candidates. We can determine the best available talent at the right time for you. We have industry knowledge and experience to build those often time-sensitive teams.

Current Opportunities

Explore all the potential opportunities our network and security recruiters have to offer. Are you ready to become a vital part of the technology solution-based experience?